Banana Mess

Two minutes, easy peasy

Looking for a no-frills, no junk pudding? Look no further! Get the kids to help – even a small child can use a table knife to slice banana.

To feed two adults and three children you will need:

500g tub plain *yoghurt 65p at Asda

5 *bananas 20p each

1 teaspoon of honey per person (squeezy honey is easiest when you have children – less potential for mess) £1.58 for 250g at Asda, I estimate that that works out at 5g per person, which is 3p per serving

A pudding bowl each

Total cost per serving = 33p


1. Slice a banana into a pudding bowl, squirt with a teaspoon of honey. Repeat for each person.

2. Divide the yoghurt between the bowls, using a dessert spoon.

3. Mix.



*Alpro soya plain yoghurt can be substituted if, like me, you’re dairy free.

This increases the price to 48p per person.

* Just because we’re on a budget, doesn’t mean we get to rip-off poor people;

the price above is for FAIR TRADE bananas.


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