Cheating Beef and Ale Pie

Ten minutes preparation, 2 hours cooking time

Still off-colour, I have resorted to a jar of Asda’s ‘Beef and Ale Slow Cook Sauce’ for £1.28, which boasts ‘no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat’, 500g lean *beef mince for £3.75, two packets of Asda Smartprice *instant mash (which I keep as back-up for days like this) 20p/120g and some frozen peas, £1/kg

Total cost £1.17 per person when feeding a family of five. We will probably have some bread rolls as an accompaniment too. Just goes to show that the easiest food, when you’re not up to much, doesn’t have to be junk food. Beef and ale pie is my favourite, so I’m looking forward to this low fat alternative 😉

Here’s what you do:

1. Place the mince in a pan and heat gently until all the meat is brown instead of pink. Stir occasionally so that the mince doesn’t end up in big clumps.

2. Transfer to a 2L casserole dish with a lid, one of these things:

which you can buy here, if you can’t find one in the supermarket.

3. Cook for two hours, as instructed on the jar.

4. Serve topped with instant mash, seasoned with herbamare (my favourite), and a side of peas.




*I used lean beef mince instead of the steak that the jar says. Beef is not good for your bowels, so we eat it very rarely. After the scandal involving burgers and horsemeat, I am oh-so-glad we tend to avoid processed meat…

*Instant Smartprice mash – what can I say? Not exactly wholesome and definitely comes under ‘processed’ but it’s a great low-fat standby for when you’re not up to much! And hey, I’m a human being, not wonderwoman o_O


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