Jacket Potatoes

Preparation time 5 minutes, cooking time 1-2 hours.

Why am I including jacket potatoes on my Easy Cooking blog? Because they are often overlooked as an ideal cheap, nutritious way to feed a family. Yet they are so simple to prepare and very filling. Jacket potatoes can be filled with a variety of foods and an accompanying salad always goes down a treat.

You will need:

1 large potato per person, scrubbed but not peeled, 87.2p/kg

Dribble of vegetable oil (optional)

Approx. 21p per serving

1. Prick the potato a few times with the pointy end of a small, sharp knife. This is so that the insides cook evenly.

2. Dribble oil and smear it over the potato with your hands. A little goes a very long way.

3. Place into a pre-heated oven 150°C for 2 hours, or 200°C for 60 minutes.

4. Slice in half and serve with butter, margarine, grated cheese, baked beans, houmous, tuna and mayonnaise, leftover stew, leftover chilli, etc., etc.


An alternative to the humble potato is the sweet potato, which cooks in exactly the same way but is slightly more expensive, coming in currently at £1.28/kg

At around 25p a tin, ‘economy’ or ‘value’ baked beans make an ideal filling.

I love my sweet potato with a little vegetable margarine and a sprinkling of herbamare. Delicious!


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