Slow-cooker Spring Supper

10 mins preparation

I had a bag of prepared leeks and spring greens in my fridge that needed using up, plus a chorizo sausage. I also knew I was going to be busy that day, so I decided to use my slow cooker. I came up with this delicious recipe. By dinner time we had faster than fast food – we had a ready and waiting steaming hot supper! This time I shopped in Tesco and Aldi, so the prices are based on those shops.

You will need:

225g chorizo, cut into chunks  £2.50/225g (Tesco)

300g bag leeks and spring greens or leeks and cabbage £1.00/300g (Tesco)

75g chopped onion (I use frozen, chopped onion) £1.00/500g (Tesco)

75g chopped pepper (I use frozen, chopped mixed peppers) £1.00/500g (Tesco)

500g carton passata 29p/500g (Aldi)

400g tin chopped tomatoes 31p/400g (Aldi)

150g red lentils £2.99/2kg

567g tin potatoes 15p/567g

Handful of fresh parsley (from windowsill)

1 chicken stock cube £3.00/200g (Tesco)


Total: 98p per serving (less if you use Tesco value stock cubes)

1. Put onion, pepper, chorizo, chopped tomatoes, lentils, potatoes and passata into slow cooker.

2. Add parsley and stock cube.

3. Top up with water with enough room to cover.

4. Stir and leave to cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours.

5. Bob’s your uncle. Dish it up after a long day, steaming hot. Serve with some grated cheese.


Although this recipe was designed for a family of five, it had plenty left over. Why not freeze what’s left for another day when you don’t want to cook or want something quick and healthy to eat without resorting to ready-meals.


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