Breakfast Smoothie

I have been experimenting with healthy alternatives to manufactured breakfast cereals and toast. Oats are a great breakfast food because they help to keep your blood sugar on an even keel so you don’t feel hungry mid-morning, but there are only so many ways you can make muesli or porridge, so I decided to experiment with my trusty blender. Here’s what I came up with:


Handful of frozen spinach

Handful of blueberries*

4 tablespoons homemade plain soya yoghurt

250ml unsweetened non-dairy milk of choice

1 teaspoon local honey** (optional)

Handful of porridge oats


1. Put all ingredients in blender and whizz until there are no lumps and the smoothie is -er – smooth.

2. Enjoy!



*Substitute blueberries with any seasonal local fruit for a more eco-friendly alternative. I used Spanish blueberries, so at least they hadn’t travelled thousands of miles, but local fruit would have been better from an environmental viewpoint.

**Our local honey tastes of flowers and is wonderful. It is expensive so we use it sparingly, but this breakfast seemed a good enough reason to use it!


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