Still on the theme of breakfast, did you know it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy to make your own muesli? What’s more, you can make it to suit your tastes, rather than the taste of some manufacturer who will likely have added sugar and charged you a small fortune for the privilege. It’s easy. Honest. And it tastes great because you can adjust it to suit your taste.


You will need:

A large storage jar, e.g. a Kilner jar, because you’re going to put the ingredients in layers so that they’re evenly distributed. This took me some time to figure out lol!

Porridge oats (I buy the cheap 1kg bag in my supermarket for 75p)


Chopped dried apricots


Toasted flaked almonds*


I love these jars. They are so useful. I have pretty labels on mine (I knew that calligraphy class would come in handy some day!)

1. Put a 2cm layer of oats in the base of the jar.

2. Mix the other ingredients together.

3. Add a 1cm layer of the fruit and nut mix to the jar.

4. Put another 2cm layer of oats in the jar… and so on until the jar is approx ¾ full – don’t fill it to the top!

5. Tip the jar back and forth fairly vigorously, to mix the ingredients together – don’t worry, there is no perfect way to do this so 30 seconds of shaking is fine.



*You can buy toasted flaked almonds or you can just use flaked almonds and toast them yourself, or even leave them be, if you prefer. In my opinion toasted almonds add a lovely roundness of flavour, and work very well with the crunch of the hazelnuts.

You can try adding some malted flakes in with the fruity nutty mixture.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – there are no rights and wrongs other than what suits your taste. You could try: dried cranberries, chopped dates, walnuts, dessicated coconut, coconut flakes, raisins, etc., etc., basically whatever you like as long as you keep to the 2/3 oats rule, although you could use 3cm of oats to every 1cm of fruit and nuts. It just depends what you prefer.

I love home made soya yoghurt with my muesli – and sometimes I like to add a handful of fresh fruit such as blackberries or banana.


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